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What I Have Learned So Far While Developing My First Mobile Website

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I did have a chance to develop a very simple ASP.NET application for my mobile browser about a week ago. It was actually just an experiment for me to play around, and dealing with these topics is a new hobby of mine nowadays. Here is the design related list of elements that I have figured out.

• Simplicity is the key for the best user experience.

Complex designs utilizing nice navigations and high quality graphics are fine with the regular websites, but not with the mobile ones. Complicated components on the UI generally makes the mobile websites difficult to read. I would concentrate on the functionality first, and then try to add some design figures as modest as I can by keeping in mind that the screen size is limited.

• Alternate texts can be a redeemer.

There is an option to choose not to load the images, and there may be some users selecting this option. Therefore, it would be a good practice to put expressive alternate texts to the images.

• AJAX is good friend of mobile IE.

Fortunately AJAX is supported by the mobile version of IE in Windows Mobile 6.0. Using asynchronous JavaScript and XML would be a neat choice in some scenarios.

• Ads should be well-balanced with the real estate of UI.

I would avoid using large ad graphics which may need some amount of time to be downloaded. They may also conflict with the usability of the pages.

Some Useful Readings

• Internet Explorer Mobile HTML Elements

• Internet Explorer Mobile CSS Support

• Support for the WIDTH Attribute on Tables


Written by Mustafa Basgun

April 5, 2008 at 11:00 AM

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