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My Jump Into The Windows Mobile Smartphone Space

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I had been planning to spend some time with my new cell phone, HTC S620 that I purchased about a month ago, in order to push its borders for the best online user experience. Well, I finally had the time today and it is really good to have something that runs Windows Mobile 6.0.


I have added some new URLs to my Favorites folder and organized them for my small browser. Here is my list of best mobile websites:

I guess “.mobi” extension was created for the mobile world, but almost every mobile site that I have faced with continue to use the “.com” extension with the transition of “www” to “m” or “mobile” which saved the site owners some amount of domain registration fees.

And Then…

I also spent couple of hours to write a simple ASP.NET application to be consumed by the mobile browser in order to explore the capacity. The application returns the area code information (city, state, etc.) if you provide a correct format  of 3-digit area code. I will try to post more about it and my experiences.


Written by Mustafa Basgun

March 29, 2008 at 3:00 PM

Posted in Mobile Experiences

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